Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor

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Designated Survivor

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Original nameDesignated Survivor


Designated Survivor
Designated Survivor
Designated Survivor

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Designated Survivor is an American political drama TV series created by David Guggenheim for ABC. Designated Survivor mixes action, drama, politics, thriller and feel good in a good mixture. All parts is quite convincing. Surely this is a television and made for entertainment. This new show is certainly promising when a cabinet official, about to be hit from his job, is appointed to be the official not present when the president gives a major speech before Congress. The explosion of a terrorist kills government officials and our man Kiefer Sutherland, Secretary of HUD and a former academic is raised to the presidency. We see a general whose most interesting release this person not elected. Now, Sutherland, who seems to have been done for this part, shows his mettle with his confrontation with the Iranian ambassador, although he is not ready to jump to the war. We see a loving wife, a lawyer, the lovely young daughter, and a son, possibly drug trafficking as part of the cast. What role will the female FBI agent? There is also a chief of staff who looks as if he can go in any direction.

In “Designated Survivor” Kiefer Sutherland plays Tom Kirkman, the Secretary of HUD to be sworn in as president when the US Capitol It is bombed and the leaders of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial are killed. When voters evaluate vice presidential candidates, they consider how they might fill the presidential role, but nobody HUD Secretary that way is evaluated. One of the first tasks is to Kirkman authority and appropriateness of the project. usual whisper-speaking Sutherland has a specific gravity that is suitable for this problem.

The show deals with the problems within the family Kirkman, which move in the White House immediately. It also deals with the struggles within the government that Washington tries to regain balance, political and otherwise. Finally, the bombing has rejected challenges to US authority and determination worldwide. Kirkman can respond to these challenges? The irony is that it may be more appropriate than the two leading candidates now presidential candidate in the real world. Despite conflicts and crises often bring people together, the situation of “Survivor Appointed” – focused on Washington D.C. .– Falls rapidly in the political game, unprincipled and illegal, but totally believable.

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Last air date2016-10-26
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