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Empire is an American Musical Drama TV series created by Lee Daniels for Fox. A hip-hop mogul must choose between his three children who are struggling to control their multimillion-dollar company while their ex-wife plans to get what is theirs. This series is beautifully written and performed by the actors in the most amazing way ever. You need music somewhere better than ever. The manipulation of the character of Taraji is simply mind-boggling, you’ll love the way he tells his children what is right and wrong. She is seriously someone with whom you would have a side, her brutal and manipulative nature only makes you intrigued with her. Cookie Lyon is one of my favorite characters and one of the most emblematic characters ever created. This is mainly because she only demands something and if she does not get what she wants, she becomes mischievous and defies those who are on her way to victory. It’s interesting that a character looks like this.

This series also takes discrimination seriously. Unlike other series, we managed to see gay people, lesbians, bisexual people and I find that brave and strong will in a series like the Empire to portray such people who continue to be discriminated against in society. This show is definitely captivating. The drama, the music, the actors/actresses do everything for a devil of a show. These are so many issues that we deal with in today’s society and bring them to the forefront: bipolar disorder, ALS, sexuality, dysfunctional families, following their dreams, defending themselves/confidence, being able to go beyond their circumstances and so many other things. You can see these things being played so you can open the dialogue to deal with these problems, especially in the black community. Taraji’s character illustrates a mother’s love and how she will do anything even sacrifices her freedom to ensure that her family will escape the dangers of poverty and slum life. Terrance’s character shows how money can change you and when you get lost in the process you also lose a lot more. A man who chooses his dream about love and now regrets it while living in two worlds his old and his new.

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1 Empire - Season 1
2 Empire - Season 2
3 Empire - Season 3



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