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Marco Polo

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Marco Polo

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Original nameMarco Polo


Marco Polo
Marco Polo
Marco Polo
Marco Polo
Marco Polo
Marco Polo

Synopsis of Marco Polo

Marco Polo is an American drama web TV series inspired by Marco Polo’s early years created by John Fusco for Netflix. Although it is full of historical and biographical inaccuracies and exaggerations, Marco Polo has a good quality production and creates an escapist atmosphere of a mythological past. The acting is normal, and the lines of the story and the characters are intriguing. The settings and work of the camera are great, and instead of focusing exclusively on Marco Polo, the show has roles of many other characters and perspectives. The sense of power struggles is well posed, though not even close to Game of Thrones level of reach.

Many aspects of the story, and many of the characters are based on historical facts. The development of the character is meticulous and intricate. These are very deep and nuanced characters. We tend to think of Kublai Khan as a little cartoon character from the series Rocky and Bullwinkle, and the Mongolian horde as an undisciplined mob of savages. In this series it is shown that Khan is a strong, complex and politically and militarily wise leader, and his army to be as powerful and effective as any of the great armies of Europe at the same time. The development of the peripheral characters are equally complex and nuanced. There is much intrigue in both the Mongolian palaces and the Song palaces, enough to keep our interest, and require careful attention to understand. Along with Game Of Thrones, the characters are much more complex, and much more interesting.

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Seasons and episodes

1 Marco Polo - Season 1
2 Marco Polo - Season 2



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