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Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones TV series is about a retired superhero woman who tried to help and failed. Jessica is a symbol of broken; She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares and persistent memories and a lot of drinks. She is very compelling character; disadvantages, but strong, but the fight is broken, sad, but with a sarcastic tone that makes it fun and easy to love. The show is not afraid to explore the darker themes of sexual assault, rape and abortion, and does so with ease. Victims of rape are not shown; viewer just have to believe without exciting scenes of rape, in order to prove the facts. As a survivor myself, Jessica shows as signs of injury, and the will to fight.

In contrast to the thief in the law Daredevil, Killgrave is a threat from the first episode, which results in better step (Daredevil took 4 episodes to find its feet in my opinion). Because PTSD Jessica, he feels constantly shadow and constant tension. The show does not waste time with the origin story sequences or training; which will take you straight to the action, and not let you go. David Tennant shines as Kilgrave, which, of course, the highest point in history. They gave much more profound and more a rich history in the comics (no purple skin, the fans do not feel.) Much more sadistic than in the comics, even that easily surpasses “the most evil villain ‘Wilson Fisk is still somewhere in MCU . Unfortunately, it did many of his cast mates on the screen with him while fans look, but did their best in their other scenes.

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