Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex

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Masters of Sex

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Original nameMasters of Sex


Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex

Synopsis of Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex is an American drama TV series developed by Michelle Ashford and loosely based on Thomas Maier’s biography Masters of Sex. Located in the 50s in the United States, Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen), an expert in fertility at University Hospital helps couples to have children, even if they have their own problems. His obsession with the study on human sexuality, which collects statistics on the physiological responses of volunteers during various sexual acts. Serious man, who seems to be unpleasant work that was lucky that hired former vocalist maiden and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), a mother who uses her excellent communication skills and charisma to recruit volunteers for innovative research. Their collaboration produced outstanding results and complex consequences.

As the story progresses in Masters of Sex, we find other topics, Dr. Masters with his wife and their working relationship with Virginia, among others hairy situation related to the project, Dr. Masters and colleagues. Of course, the core of the harsh reality of sex research, which we take for granted today, but innovative in the 50s, said it would be a very good complement sex education cripples our school, even today. Sex as a theme in this drama is not considered as pornography, or something dirty, something that would feel shameful, or even exotic. Unlock many myths, it shows the data reliable and predictable human reactions to various stimuli. Oddly enough, however, and it is correlated with a number of unhappy marriages and other problems of adaptation.

While Masters of Sex may not be a great show so far, seen strictly in terms of providing consumers with something worth paying the equivalent of a master class in the development of pay-TV. There is plenty of humor here, but it’s more innocent than evil. And there are many understandable discomfort that seems so relevant in 2013 at the age of 50. It is a fascinating story, well acted on science, emerging feminism and American culture. But it is also a commitment to the idea that a television series may include rates that are not sharp, so sharp points. It was encouraging to see that the sex of the Master of depth and plenty of dramatic material should penetrate not take the easy way with the nipple and the wheel every 10 minutes

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TV StatusReturning Series

Seasons and episodes

1 Masters of Sex - Season 1
2 Masters of Sex - Season 2
3 Masters of Sex - Season 3
4 Masters of Sex - Season 4



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