Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall

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Over the Garden Wall

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Original nameOver the Garden Wall
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Over the Garden Wall is an American critically acclaimed animated Mini TV Series created by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network. Over the Garden Wall is a mini-series of 10 chapters on the garden wall, and although not one of Cartoon Network’s all-time greatest is a gem of a show and one of his best in a long time. It’s really lively, with funds handsome and well detailed out particularly strong and the mystery of the unknown configuration is performed brilliantly. Think adventure time, but in more detail, darkness, sweetness and color. Besides being the animation look good, so the animation also does so brilliantly is two things, one that sets the melancholy folksy atmosphere but sweet stories very effectively and maintains that consistent quality and the other is well that transports us to another world altogether and points to one in the world to pronounce chilling effect.

Over the Garden Wall series is very long and charmingly hauntingly scored, which has a real presence, in addition to facilitating the atmosphere to speak, that would not have done so effectively if the marker was stronger, brasher and more constant. The stories are very unique rhythm to perfection; feeling fast but never rushed and soft as they are never told dragging and very imaginative and compelling even when episodic in nature (and a couple of random points, and at the end of the third episode). While the series was always getting off to a good start, it was becoming stronger until episode 4, the quality was better than anything that Cartoon Network has been on the air in recent years and came close to rivaling Network at its best. As with animation, the atmosphere is melancholic, quirky and folksy, these qualities that come about in a smooth manner and very moving and never get silly or confusing, the series also darkens with characters like the beast but in a creepy way instead of traumatizing.

The characters in Over the Garden Wall are very well written, with the look and personality of figures have folktale. The protagonists are very easy to relate, especially Wirt and is easy to be endeared by the ingenuity and optimism Greg cute. The beast is a very memorable main villain with an appropriate appearance fear, and Beatrice, lumberjack, whispers aunt, Adelaide, Endicott et al make good impressions in their stories.

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Last air date2014-11-07
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