The Americans

The Americans

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The Americans

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The Americans
The Americans
The Americans
The Americans
The Americans
The Americans
The Americans
The Americans
The Americans

Synopsis of The Americans

Revive the genre of espionage during the Cold War on TV, in a surprising and original way with The Americans. With the stamp of Steven Spielberg, The Americans is an extraordinary, exciting and with a pounding suspense series. You’ll be hooked from the start of The Americans. Delicious cold war espionage stories of undercover KGBs infiltrating the American society. The single minded patriotism of these KGB agents, killing, maiming, poisoning and honey potting key Americans to protect Mother Russia make this highly intelligent TV series so unbelievably irresistible. The protagonists are a handsome but deadly couple who make winsome great ambassadors for the Ruskkies. They are good looking, sexy, good parents to two young kids and showing compassion despite their deadly killer instincts. Not for the faint hearted, the blood, gore and graphic violence are quite disconcerting.

But don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself siding the Russkies against the big bad Americans. FBI is lead by none other than a blast from the past. Yes John Boy Walton and his glorious mole on his cheek. The only other unbelievable thing about our beautiful Philip and Elizabeth are their perfect American accents and their love for fast food. Given their razor sharp survival instincts and lack of sentimentality, their greatest dangers are not their lives but their undying commitment to communist ideologies and love for Mother Russia.

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Last air date2016-06-08
Episode runtime48,45,60 min
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Seasons and episodes

1 The Americans - Season 1
2 The Americans - Season 2
3 The Americans - Season 3
4 The Americans - Season 4


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