The Exorcist

The Exorcist

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The Exorcist

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The Exorcist
The Exorcist
The Exorcist
The Exorcist

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The Exorcist is an American horror drama TV series created by Jeremy Slater. The Exorcist doesn’t come close to its classic source material, but still boasts a tense narrative that manages some legitimate scares and credible special effects. Good story is a rare and beautiful thing. Using effects to define their characters instead of characters to be there while you show off the effects is becoming as rare as very good story. So leaving a plot play itself in its own time, rather than at a breakneck pace designed to please fans of horror/action they want action and Gore to define a story rather than characters and events that have way to them is becoming equally rare. As the implosion of Penny Dreadful made many of us aware, good stories, characters and amazing actors, beautiful sets and costumes, combined with action in the service of history still was not enough to save it from destruction. One that many of us suffer even more.

So now we have Fox of The Exorcist and after a single episode that you know enough to be willing to commit to any amount of time that has been given to this series that is rookie season. Because, for me, the conclusion is that it is a very good example of good stories and it is nice to decent run television after the solace of my library after the great debacle that was S/3 PD. Usually remake great movies series T.V. They do not work but the success of Hannibal has changed everyone’s mind. Hannibal was one of the best series of T.V. in a regular network in the horror genre. suspense and terror that air on TV are usually fly-by-night and usually do not just among the spectators. That was not the case in The Exorcist. This is a strong showing with a strong plot to watch and very well cast.

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