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The OA

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The OA
The OA

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The OA is an American Science fiction drama web TV series created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij for Netflix. The OA is not for everyone. Anyone who believes strictly in religion will not like it; Anyone who believes strictly in science will not like it. But people who enjoy a happy medium between those two reasons and are willing to think outside their comfort zone for eight episodes will find the rewarding effort. Now while the OA feels super original, it is definitely definitely a Brit Marling story. Brit and Zal have previously collaborated on two films, Sound of My Voice and The East, both are great movies. The first has a ton of similarities to The OA, almost too many. I think Brit Marling is one of the best young filmmakers creating art today, but it seems that the first 80% of her films are so interesting, deep and complex, that a grand finale is almost impossible to achieve. It is as if his second acts could never be overcome. I thought the ending was fine here, it just felt a bit off the left field and it’s almost the exact same emotional bow as the sound of my voice. Again, this is fine, I just expected something else. She always leaves you wanting more and maybe that’s a good thing.

The performance is exceptional from the three main characters, but less of the supporting cast. Phyllis from the office has a good role. And music is always on point and in tune with the need for drama. Overall, a very good first foray into TV provocative. Mood is essential; The pace is perfect – but only if you can let yourself follow its unusual rhythm. It is not a modality that is currently in use; If you can let yourself flow with it, it will catch you. It’s the most coherent story I’ve seen lately, with no possibility of confusion, unless the viewer can not adapt to the unusual rhythm and get bored.

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